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Being a popular destination choice, Malaysia is certainly a country that most people have heard of. Beautiful beaches, interesting caverns, historic temples, and the busy metropolis of Kuala Lumpur are among the attractions of this Southeast Asian country. However, for those of you who are also gamblers, you may be wondering if it is possible to play at online casinos located in this beautiful country.

Do you know if gambling is legal in Malaysia?

Gambling of any form is illegal in Malaysia, according to the law. It also does not make any exclusions, which is in contrast to many other countries. Because of the Betting Act of 1953, there are virtually no loopholes left in the law when it comes to illicit gambling. It even handles telephones and other methods of making wagers more convenient.


Definitions of gambling in Malaysia

A betting or wagering establishment is defined as “any place used for placing wagers” — this term covers both cash or debit wager — “on any event or contingency of or relating to any horse race, other sporting event, or lottery to which the general public, or any class of the general public may have access” Furthermore, a betting house is any location that accepts bets on outcomes (sports or racing events, etc.) under the Betting Law definition.

What is it about this country that makes it so anti-gambling?

This is due to the Muslim majority, Sharia Law (Islamic Law) plays a significant role in Malaysian society. In certain cases, Sharia courts sit alongside the country’s secular courts, which is a common occurrence. Muslims are not permitted to gamble under Sharia Law. Given that more than 60% of the population adheres to Islam, or at least loosely adheres to it, the majority of Malays are in favour of the gambling prohibition.


Online gambling is considered to be more of a gray area.

The Common Gaming Houses and Betting Acts of 1953 don’t give you a lot of leeway when it comes to illicit gaming practices. Both organizations strive to restrict virtually all forms of casino gambling, poker, and sports betting. As a result, internet casino games should be regarded as unlawful in Malaysia from a legal standpoint. These laws, on the other hand, are so archaic that they don’t include anything about online casinos at all, which is unfortunate.



The phrase “by any means” in the Betting Act, which prohibits betting houses from offering wagers, is particularly damaging to operators. The language of neither legislation, on the other hand, expressly states that internet gamblers are in breach of the law. Once again, it is very probable that mobile gambling is illegal in this nation. However, it is not as overtly unlawful as, for example, operating an underground casino in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Besides, large online casinos such as Maxim88 or BK8 have been operating normally using Malaysia as their base of operations without problem, even to this date, Malaysians are still enjoying the entertainment content provided by online casinos.



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