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What is considered gambling under the law?

“Gambling” has a broad definition under the Singaporean law or RGA. It is usually an umbrella term used to cover activities such as betting, gaming, and even lottery. The act of gambling can be simply defined under the law as the placing of money on the outcome on an event such as sports or horse racing, this is according to the RGA. “Gaming” on the other hand, refers to any game in which there is an element of chance, or a combination of chance and skill, and in which players have the potential to win money or monetary equivalents.


When is it permissible to gamble in the Republic of Singapore?


Gaming at a “common gaming house” is a criminal offense under the Common Gaming House Act. A “common gaming house” is defined as any venue that is maintained or utilized for gaming, habitual gaming, or public lottery, regardless of whether or not the general public has access to the facility. As a result, whether or not the gambling behavior in issue crosses the line into an unlawful conduct is determined by whether or not the gambling venue is maintained as a common gaming house or as a location to be utilized for gaming.

Gambling in public places is prohibited.

When we say “gambling in public,” we are referring to gambling in a location where the general public has access, which includes any location where 10 or more people are working. Gambling in a public place is prohibited under all circumstances. Gambling at a funeral conducted in a void deck, for example, may be prohibited due to the fact that a void deck is a public venue. Anyone found guilty of gambling in a public place will be subject to a fine or even imprisonment in worse cases. In addition, their gambling tools may be confiscated and forfeited by the authorities.


Online Gambling in Singapore


In spite of the fact that internet gambling is not permitted in Singapore, it is believed that the country ranks second in the world in terms of the proportion of the population that gambles! This is most likely due to the fact that Singapore has a very small population as compared to other Asian jurisdictions, as well as the fact that the island city state is exceedingly affluent. If you want to take the risk (as millions of others do) and bet online, you may do so in a secure environment where both you and your information will be protected. Additionally, you may find yourself outside of Singapore from time to time, and you may have the opportunity to wager in a jurisdiction where online gambling is permitted.


Do you need to be a certain age to gamble legally in Singapore?


Legal gambling in Singapore requires a minimum age of 18 years, which varies depending on the location of the gaming activity. Minimum age might differ with different modes of gambling activities. However, to bet in Singapore, you must be at least 18 years old, according to local regulations. People under the age of 18 are not permitted to purchase 4D or TOTO tickets, nor are they permitted to download or use any online casino apps. In fact, reputable online casinos such as BK8, Mega888 and more do not allow anyone under 18 to enter their online casino either.


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