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If you have gone to the Maxim88 official site, you might be curious about the licenses that Maxim88 displays over their licenses tab. Gaming curacao is one such license that Maxim88 proudly displays on their front page. For the uninitiated, this might not mean much. Today, we will explain what Gaming Curacao is and why it is important that online casinos, especially one as reputable as Maxim88, obtain such licenses.

License for Online Gambling in Curacao

Curacao is an actual place on earth, in fact, it is one of the islands that make up the Dutch Caribbean. Due to the fact that it is one of the longest-running online gambling regulators, it is also one of the most well-known online gambling regulators. Any casino that has a Curacao eGaming license displayed on its website has gone through the initial investigation procedure and is subject to periodical audits by Curacao authorities.


Benefits of Gaming Curacao licenses

Many gambling operators have picked Curacao as their home because of the country’s advantageous tax legislation and the fact that the licensing process is reasonably short and affordable. Curacao levies a flat 2 percent tax on net income and in return, conducts thorough investigation in making sure that an online casino has gone through the proper channels to establish itself as a trustable online casino. If you are a genuine and trustable casino not out looking to scam or exploit any online casino players, you will almost certainly be authorized. One such authorized online casino is Maxim88.


Master Licenses

Master license holders have the ability to give sub-licenses to whomever they want. A sub-license includes all of the features of a master license, with the exception of the ability to lease out additional sub-licenses. However, whoever holds the master licenses will be held liable to the actions and consequences of all its subsequent sub-license holders. 

Licensing packages

Numerous master license holders are willing to provide packages to prospective entrants into the online gaming business. They provide entire solutions, including a sub-license, company license, hosting, and other services, for a charge that is typically less expensive for new entrants than attempting to do it all on their own in the beginning.

Online casino support

Additionally, Curacao eGaming provides technological and financial support to the online casino that is under it’s authorization, in addition to licensing and regulatory oversight. Dedicated services, private cloud servers, international financing, and assistance with various aspects of running an online casino are just a few of the options available for any online casino that holds its licenses. For example, Maxim88’s financing, services and servers are, in part, being supported by Gaming Curacao, thus improving the overall experiences at the online casino.



A gaming license indicates that an online casino has gone past the proper inspection and initiation before accepting any members. It is important that new online casino players look through the licenses that an online casino has before deciding whether to sign up for the online casino or not. On the internet, it is difficult to tell which online casino is set out to scam you and which one to provide you with a unique online gaming experience. Maxim88 is a legit online casino and you can tell this because licensing organizations such as Gaming Curacao had verified it for us.


Fred Bennett