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Online poker players can be categorized into four types of distinctive levels based on their understanding of the game and how they handle their strategies. In other words, your thought process determines what kind of level you are at online poker. If you already know how to identify players at different levels, here’s some helpful tips for you to counter their play in a game of online poker.


How to play against level 0 players

Level 0 players are non-thinking players, you do not need to rack your brains to figure out a way to counter them. If you are in any way experienced in online poker, level 0 players are a non-threat to your road towards victory. Since level 0 players don’t fold much, you should keep two things in mind when playing against them. First, relax your entry conditions for pots. It’s unusual to play opponents that are just giving their money away, so don’t try to tighten up when they are on the table. They generally go bust rapidly, so go in there and mix it up! Second, don’t bluff on them and instead, thin down the bet Basically, approach them as extreme calling stations and you’ll be safe.

How to play against level 1 players

The first rule of thumb is to play a lot of pots with level 1 players since they tend to play face up. This is because they are usually fit or fold players, you will want to have a near 100% c-bet percentage versus them. But once they call or raise, beware. A level 1 player seldom folds after calling a stake. When dealing with a tenacious level one opponent, you should only invest in pots with substantial equity ownership. In general, look for flops with a range of holdings that might mask nut hands. 


How to play against level 2 players

Level 2 players might be an intermediate player but they still lose in today’s harder playing situations. Level two players nearly often have many severe characteristics that may be exploited, making them simple to beat. Their preflop ranges are usually stagnant, and their post-flop tactics are rarely innovative. Target their vulnerabilities and plan appropriately.


How to play against level 3 players

Things get more complicated from now onwards as good level three players are a headache to play against and you should avoid conflicts with them. While they may be controlled and are often exploitable, don’t anticipate long-term benefit from these guys. They usually don’t leak much. A level three player’s bet, check, or call usually means the opposite of what it seems. You can either counterpunch them to prevent being run over or play conservative with your mid-strength hands and aggressive with your draws to gain equity. You must struggle for your equity share against these players.

How to play against level 4 players

It is simple. You don’t. Get out now! It’s usually not worth your time to attempt to figure out whether an opponent is level four since they have a challenging viewpoint. Trying to focus on the dynamic from your own seat would also drain precious mental resources. On a more serious note, one idea is to search your long-term database for the largest winners. Like any other player, once you identify a great player, try to identify their flaws. Then create some notes for your session.



In other words, don’t overthink anything; simply be mindful of your poker thinking levels. Since you can’t always avoid powerful players, my best suggestion is to avoid playing confusing areas against them and focus on inferior opponents. Understanding this theory is one step in becoming a good poker player. To become better, you need more experience, and maxim88 will be your best online casino choice to level up as an online poker player.


Fred Bennett