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First of all, let’s recap what are the four levels of enemies you will face at any online casino poker games. Level 0 to 1 are beginners that do not know any better, level 2 to 3 are intermediate players that understand how to evaluate cards, and finally level 4 players that are masters at deception. It is highly unlikely that you will meet, let alone successfully identify a level 4 player in your day-to-day online activity. Therefore, this article will be focusing on beating enemies at a lower level than that.


Identifying Level 0 Foes

A real level 0 gamer has no or little strategy. They will often look disoriented and their activities will have no rhyme or explanation. They are presumably level 1 if they are picky with their cards and grasp basic card strategy. Foes at this level pose no threat and any sensible plan will smash these players. 

Identifying Level 1 Foes

Live gamers are much simpler to recognise than online. They tend to either publicly publicise their actions or be chronic complainers when they lose. These player types frequently make me laugh with their statements and appear to have difficulty controlling their wrath. They may whine about losing pocket Aces or being bluffed. In their eyes, strong hands like large pairs and straights should never lose.


Identifying Level 2 Foes

From an online perspective, this is the lowest level where a genuine poker player can be considered, as they examine their opponents’ actions. They can tell whether their opponents are loose or tight and alter their plan accordingly, even if it is incorrect or primitive. Level two players approach hands with the assumption that everyone else is merely playing their cards, and it can be pretty easy to tell.

Identifying Level 3 Foes

At low stakes, level 3 players may be quite good. Even so, they prefer to use inventive bet sizes and try to maximize profit depending on their opponents’ assumptions. It takes time and experience to identify a level three opponent. The following qualities can reveal a level three player: a brazen theft tactic, continually use position. pre-flop folds require careful consideration, often re-sells and large isolation after weak players hobbled.


Conclusion: think one level higher than your enemy

A good mindset can help you consistently win at any online casino poker games.  At the risk of oversimplifying, we aim to establish our lines one level above our opponents. To “perfectly” play against a level one player who just examines his own cards, we need to play on level two. We know what he has and he doesn’t, therefore we benefit. Suppose we utilised level three thinking to create sophisticated bluffs on a board that we thought tied to our range. It would be pointless as he doesn’t care about what we have. Nothing we do will modify his perception of his cards and their relationship to the board. Instead, we should judge him exclusively on our equity.

Fred Bennett